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Travel ph! [Fri]

its that point in my life that i could actually enjoy a trip outside my home with my own money and could acutually spend.  dumaguete trip was a blast! sayang wala si emman tho. will definitely return. lots of places yet to see!


Boat ride [Sat]

calero elementary school ~


Change course! [Mon]

Hahahah plans changed. Still here in the PH.
Working currently at the department of education as a dentist xD

Hooray xD


Pre departure seminar [Wed]

Pdos today xD
Will be giving the dogs a bath later when we get bsck home :))


I'm back LJ! [Tue]

Hahaha xD havent visited this place for quite some time now xD

Will be back to posting life stuff here hopefully, now that I got to install an LJ app for android :)) hoorayyy


omg hi LJ [Thu]
LOL. every since i havent used my desktop (and started cosplaying) i havent really been able to blog xD

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo superduper update from the last post here.

graduated october of 2009. went up the stage march 2010~
took the boards december 2010~

results flashed dec.23~ kekeke. <3

currently an associate dentist at FreshBreath Dental Clinic, beside waltermart here at plaridel~
its an okay place, though the flow of patients isnt that much. xD

I also have a Cosplay / Wig Shop already. My Little Prince! Shop
it mostly has wigs. then i added in some other cosplay related items up for preorder.

also teamed up with Pao/Kito to have a physical shop named Cosplay Avenue at monumento.
then after a while, teamed up with theboobooshop and hatahatah to add in more things to the shop :3
so we have, cute animeish hats, lolita gothic accessories, costumes, wigs, props, and moreeee

also joined up with a bulacan team of cosplayers : Bulacan Cosplay Mania
did the first event in baliwag sometime last year- was able to do some of the organizing parts of the event keke.

will be buying a dental chair sometime soon. hopefully soon. so i can set up my own clinic. hmm prolly at the other house so the place would be good for setting up a clinic and other things since its a bit big. something commercial would work i guess. putting it up here at home isnt that much of a good idea due to the residential location , inner part of the house/ and not in the main road~

oh also i was able to meet my real mom already )sometime around mother's day this year.
my sis rose was able to find me through facebook; then arranged a meetup with me a couple of days after.

then we visited their home~ it was an okay meeting, talked and talked on things while we were there~

went back 2weeks after and treated my 2siblings to SM with groceries and some food. then went back to their home and chatted a bit.

so what elseee.... hmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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lazy XD [Wed]
since i have been quite lazy in updating my journal... xD
go visit my multiply page XD *which became a photo blog thingy xD*

Hmm.. its april. D: D: D: and im still a student. *headdesk*
gah. hopefully 1 more semester would be enough to finish my remaining clinical requirements and be able to take the boards by december <3
gah. demmit.
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sleepover [Sun]
ches and yabee went over to sleep after our divi trip with nyam yesterday.
gave them a tour of the house and the pool yesterday and today.
checked the things we bought yesterday too~
ches bought a wig for his next cosplay, yabee and i bought some necklaces
and ches also got that kurapica chain thingy XD


uploaded pics at multiply

POGS 2008 Reroll Aftermath [Sun]
Costume came in late (sheesh.) was able to get out of bulacan by 10something.
reached Trinoma around 11 i think?
saw markee and the others.
they said that the cosplay was still closed to gaming related costumes.
walked around a bit more and met the others too~
they borrowed my mage suit and tried to make use of it for the event.
after some time, the organizers finally opened the coslpay to anime and such.
we registered (#26) and walked around some more and had some photo ops outside of the event area (since the place was toooooooo congested xD)
ate lunch at the food court then walked back to the cosplay area
call time was around 3 or 4 i think, did the catwalk, then we proceeded to the upper floors to walk around some more, take some more pics and ...WALK XD.
went to the food court again to grab some refreshments then went back to the event area. Markee won the 5th place and then we finally decided to do some MORE walking.
went to the fountain area, walked around, took some pics, walked backed inside, walked around the place then we finally agreed to revert back to out normal human forms and go home. LOL
got home around 10something.

btw, i was cosplaying as the Priest of Dawn from Lineage 2, which was supposed to be my cosplay costume for yesterdays event but didnt get it finished in time <_< ^^

*sniff* [Sun]

l2 launch yesterday. my costume didnt make it in time *headdesk*



will be going to the pogs event today though :3

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